Darkus Fusion Dragonoid

" ARG! This is cool! I feel reborn once again!"

-Helix Dragonoid when he evolves into Dark Fusion Dragonoid-

Dark Fusion Dragonoid is a Darkus Bakugan, Caroll-Ann's Guardian Bakugan and a evolution of Helix Dragonoid after he receives The Element, DNA of all Bakugan, Code Eve's Powers and the power of the gate and key.

He appeared in Bakugan Mechtanium Surge: Return of a Hero Side when he killed Naga and Reaper by absorbing them to become the Ultimate Bakugan. He will appeared in Bakugan Electricity and Ice: An New Adventure of a Hero alongside with Caroll-Ann, He appeared in BakuTech Bakugan: Rise of the Bakugan and BakuTech Flare: Hero vs. Evil, when he used all of his powers to kills evil Mechtogan and Chaos Bakugan who terrorizes the entire world when his Perfect Core increased to 200% of his power.