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Kurai is a fictional character created by a user known as Seiki. Kurai's named is derived from a japanese word that involves darkness. Kurai is rather a minor character, yet when he does appear, he is typically a Darkus brawler.

Bakugan Tales:Edit

Kurai appears in the fan-fiction/role-play series Bakugan Tales. He is Marucho's son, his mother is unknown. Kurai is often moody and doesn't care about much. Staying true to his attribute, Kurai uses only Darkus Bakugan.

Kurai's debut come when the Order of Shadows attempts to kidnapp the children of the original brawlers. Seiki, Hoshi, Aaron, and Valentin along with some of the other children of the brawlers arrive to warn Kurai and Marucho. To test the group to see if it is worth his time to join, Kurai battles Teion. Teion wins, but barely, adding Kurai to the team. After going around and fighting the Order a bit more, an explosion is set off that seperates Kurai from the group.

When it is decided that brawlers need to go to the various worlds to battle the Order, Kurai is assigned to Gundalia. After losing a battle with Masquerade alongside Karli, Masquerade turns him into a Bakugan under his command. Kurai has been used against his friends a few times. Kurai has been saved from Masquerade and returned to human form. He has decided to leave the team and return home.

Kurai's first guardian Bakugan is his Gran Panzer that he uses along with a Dakrus Ingram. It is unknown how he obtained these Bakugan. When he wass found after being seperated by an explosion caused by the Order, Kurai was given a Darkus Grey Hulk that became his guardian with Gran Panzer switching to a supportive team member.


  • Darkus Gran Panzer (Former Guardian)
  • Darkus Ingram
  • Darkus Grey Hulk (Guardian)
  • Darkus Spitarm (Trap)