The Order of Shadows is a secret organization of evil Brawlers that appear in Bakugan Tales.


The Order of Shadows is one of the main antagonistic forces of Bakugan Tales. Not much is known about it except that it has a vast number of members each of which has some form of dark powers. It is unknown where these powers come from. The Order does not stick to one primary attribute and has members that use any of the six attributes.

The Order is known to be advanced in the field of science and has crafted a machine capable of transforming people into Bakugan. This machine has been used many times to create a multitude of artificial Bakugan from life-size dolls.

It is known that there are six leaders to this group and that each one uses a different attribute.

The second-in-command of the Order of Shadows is a group of fourteen people known as "The Knights of the Order". Each member of this group is given a number that specifies their strength and skill in battle with 1 being the strongest. These numbers do not specify command rank as they are all seen as equal rank.

Aaron has refused to be a part of the group and has switched sides as has Kamron. Although Kamron remains a member to try to attack the group from within. Even though Aaron has resigned from the Order, they still consider him a member.

Wiseman, Mylene, Hydron, Shadow, Lync, Volt, and Haden have been sent to the Doom Dimension as a form of prison, yet remain considered as members of the Order.

Reschaft was a main Bakugan of the Order until he was defeated and ultimately destoryed in battle. Valentin took Darkus ChamAlien from Rinsler in battle taking away its membership in the process.

Known MembersEdit




  • Takai
  • Wynn
  • Rikka
  • Yasai
  • Raiga
  • Kiiro



  • Ventus Altair
  • Ventus Aluze
  • Ventus Wired
  • Ventus Terraspin
  • Ventus Paladin
  • Pyrus Reptak
  • Pyrus Lumagrowl
  • Pyrus Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Skytruss
  • Pyrus Paladin
  • Subterra Dryoid
  • Subterra Wildvine
  • Subterra Paladin
  • Haos Brontes
  • Haos Shocksquatch
  • Haos Chromastone
  • Haos Paladin
  • Darkus Stronk
  • Darkus Reschaft (Former)
  • Darkus Hades
  • Darkus MAC Spyder
  • Darkus Betadron
  • Darkus Mummy
  • Darkus ChamAlien (Former)
  • Darkus Paladin
  • Aquos Elico
  • Aquos Macubass
  • Aquos Big Chill
  • Aquos Paladin
  • Darkus and Pyrus Mechtavius Destroyer