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Unknown Aquos Bakugan (Presumed: Aquos Saint Aquas)

The Sixth Scientist is a fictional character that MasterDharak intended to create. Since the Sixth Scientist was never fully created, he/she has no name and remains with an unrevealed gender. He/She was to be an Aquos brawler.

Bakugan Tales:Edit

The Sixth Scientist was supposed to be a character in the fan-fiction/role-play series Bakugan Tales. He/She was supposed to be a scientist who worked alongisde MD, Niv, Byron, Emma, and Aria. Each character was created to be a scientist/brawler who used one of the BakuTech Bakugan with one character being of each attribute. Unfotunatly, an Aquos BakuTech was not revelaed until after a large portion of the book of Bakugan Tales was made. It is known that this character would be created as MasterDharak had promised one when stating what characters he would have during the role-play.

The Sixth Scientist did however make a brief appearence within Bakugan Tales while carefully avoiding stating the name, gender, or name of the Bakugan the character was using. The character aided the other scientists in a brawl against Valentin to keep him and the other two brawlers he was fighting from destroying anymore of the labratories the scientists were using.

The Sixth Scientist was to have one Bakugan which would have been their guardian. It is known that the Bakugan would have been an Aquos BakuTech Bakugan and since Saint Aquas was the first Aquos BakuTech revealed in japan, it can be assumed that the Bakugan would've been an Aquos Saint Aquas.


  • Unnamed Aquos Bakugan [Saint Aquas] (Guardian)