Zoom Leonidas

Darkus Zoom Leonidas (Original Warrior Form)

Zoom Leonidas is a BakuTech Bakugan and an evolution on Valentin's Leonidas. However, it is unknown which form of Leonidas it evolves from.



Original Warrior FormEdit

Zoom Leonidas is an evolution of Leonidas with many unique details. Its has six wings all over its body - four wings on its back and two wings on its ankles - one wing on each ankle. Zoom Leonidas can fly extremely fast and can move just as fast, given reference to its name, "Zoom Leonidas".

New Warrior FormEdit

The new Warrior Form has been seen with only two wings and strange green designs on some of its body.

Role PlaysEdit

BakuTech! BakuganEdit

Zoom Leonidas officially appeared in a role play on the Bakugan Community made by Valentin_98 on there called BakuTech! Bakugan RP#1.

However, Zoom Leonidas's original Warrior Form picture appeared in a topic on the Bakugan Community called Custom Leonidas Evolutions (supposed title).

Ability Cards