Zyrin without its BakuNanos

Darkus Zyrin

I am Zyrin, Mechtogan. I come to serve my masters in their quest to bring justice to all!


Zyrin is Uranium Leonidas's Mechtogan and a Darkus Mechtogan. He is extremely powerful and does not allow evil to stand in his way of bringing justice.



Zyrin is a tall Mechotan and the first one to have a tail. Like Uranium Leonidas, some of his body parts are made of pure uranium that cannot be found anywhere. Zyrin has a jagged and pointy back, kind of like a "hunched back". His "wings" can turn into cannons on his shoulders and into cannons on his back.

Role PlaysEdit

Zyrin did not exactly first appear in role plays - he first appeared in a topic on the Bakugan Community called "Custom Mechtogan - Zyrin".


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